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“A good soccer coach takes his love for the game and instills it in you. He molds you into the player he sees inside of you and watches your talent and dedication grow into a skill that you both can be proud of. His payoff is the smile he sees on your face after you have reached your goal. His drive are the tears you cry because you want it so bad, knowing he had the same feeling inside him too. Make him proud and never give less than your best. You both deserve it.” message of today training by Coach Joben to the youth coaches.
Part two of the session will centered on how and why CameroonFDP change the mentality of kids in all communities using various football drills as illustration.

All youth needs is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them.
Day one of the training was based on the basic outline working with youths, which include,
• Character word of the day
• Skill word of the day
• Review three rules
• Warm up drill
• Skill introduction and teaching
• Skill challenge
• Fun Game
• Score Goal
• Scrimmages
The structure remains constant despite the fact that the game and skills change each practice. Each of these concepts was well explained to the youth coaches and at the end of the indoor training the take home message to the youths was that, The process is the most important in all training sessions not the goal.
Part two continued at Catholic field with close to 50youths ages from 9-12 and 13-17; youth coaches had the opportunity to exercise the basic outline with various drills as samples, coach Joben and coach Daniel concluded with the theme, Confidence. The youths left the field after two hours training session very satisfied and ready for tomorrow session. Came for more updates.

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.”
A graduate from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama in 2014, she worked for Sigma Kappa Sorority as a Leadership Consultant for two years, and is currently a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh obtaining a Master in Public Administration with a major in Public and Nonprofit Management.
She is spending seven weeks completing an internship program in the CameroonFDP office. She is working on documenting recruitment tactics for youth participation in all programs, and also establishing, implementing, and documenting youth council procedures. Lastly, she will enjoy Cameroonian food and the rich culture. Madison’s greatest wish is to do a follow up with the organization and provide leadership skills to the management team.
She is honored to work with the organization this summer. She hopes to establish a long lasting relationship with CameroonFDP and its team as well as having a successful internship program in Cameroon.

when your legs can’t run anymore run with your heart.
It now always a frantic moment every Saturday and Mondays for the youths of Nkwen Bamenda to take active part in their weekly sessions organized by CameroonFDP in the Neighborhood. Since the introduction of these sessions the attendance has grown dramatically from 20 to present over 60youths in attendance including close to 6 girls for weekly football spree and life skills lessons. Under the tutelage of co founder Peter Ngwane the activities of CameroonFDP is fast becoming a life changing experience of these anxious youths in Bamenda.

Success is where preparation and opportunity meets, Every day is a new opportunity.
The youths in kosala were opportune to have more than one facilitator during session on Friday June 9th 2017, the youths did a run down of topics done during the pass 6weeks beginning from Communication with parents ,peer pressure, self respect, Accept Responsibility and Punctuality , from participation to responses proves that the youths are fun of the program.
Madison Clark CameroonFDP intern from USA introduced herself to the kids and vice versa, the youths received new equipment’s from the CEO of CameroonFDP Justin Forzano and were very happy with such gesture in addition to this they learned new drills on receiving and passing , the youths were later divided into and played a friendly match. CameroonFDP statiscuo has kept more youths involved in community programs and keeps them busy especially during holidays. Came for more updates,

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) held their 39th general assembly at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Thursday, March 17th. Those in attendance witnessed a tidal wave of transition in the name of change for football on the continent. Our Cameroonian brother, Issa Hayatou, lost his 8th election bid to Ahmad Ahmad, President of Madagascar Football Association 34 votes to 20. Ahmad takes the helm, along with several new executive members, and a general optimism and hope surrounding the future of African football. The peaceful transition of power that transpired, not often the case in African elections, is evidence of a good start.

Hayatou, who has been the ‘darling’ of both African and international football for decades, serving 7 terms as CAF President since being elected in 1988 and a stint as interim President of FIFA after the Sepp Blatter scandal, will leave a lasting legacy of bringing African football into the modern era. During the anniversary dinner celebrating 60 years of CAF, Hayatou was gave a few remarks on the evolution of the game in Africa. One statement stands above the rest:

“It seemed essential to put the supporters at the heart of this celebration. They are […] Continue Reading…

After peaceful protests in December turned violent in some cities and towns in Cameroon, many youth took to social media websites and communications platforms to shine a light on an otherwise very dark situation. After a few weeks of “ghost town” protests – where everyone stays indoors, with all businesses closed and no one moving around town – the government shut down the internet. Just like that. Read more about it in this piece in the Economist.

Still, CameroonFDP is moving forward. We won’t go into the details as to what it takes to operate under such circumstances, but know that it’s not easy. We’ve been holding meetings with our coaches and youth participants over the last month and look forward to getting back on to the field next week. Despite the struggle, we are reminded that nothing good comes easy. We are more determined now than ever before to engage as many youth in our grassroots football activities.

Our teams in Pittsburgh and Kumba have been working on a 3-year strategic plan: our 2020 vision. While the details are still being finalized, we look forward to sharing the concept with you in the weeks ahead!

Am blessed to have worked for different organizations in different portfolios throughout my professional life. This has given me quality, quantity, analytical and diagnostic capacity to articulate in any work environment and create an impact whenever, wherever am called to serve.
While in other organizations I worked as a junior staff with a few major challenges and frustrations, the picture in CFDP is an enlargement. Barely a few months after I joined the management team, I was given the rare privilege opportunity to be team leader; a portfolio with major challenges, pressure and frustrations. This has given me great experience and capacity to accommodate varied opinions, criticisms and professional disobedience from team mates.
However, and thanks to their support and especially the confidence bestowed on me by my immediate bosses, Founder and Co-founder; Justin Forzano and Peter Ngwane, I have been able to function in my current capacity. After more than a year, taking stock on how this has impacted me, I would say without mincing words that I stand today much more fulfilled as someone who has within this short period succeeded to transform himself from a thinker to a doer, an adviser to a leader…….whose capacity to lead […] Continue Reading…

International Women’s Day originally emerged from the activities of labor movements at the turn of the 20th century in North America and across Europe.  In its early years, the day honored the women’s rights movement, including advocating for the right to vote and hold public office, and for ending discrimination in the workplace. Today the day is observed as a time to reflect on progress, reaffirm our commitment to greater development, and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by women who have made a difference in their communities and countries.

With the unconditional support from the CEO Justin Forzano who is a great promoter of girls education in Cameroon, we got the opportunity to organized a workshop with girls from our community team Wumjeck FC, part one of the program was based on lectures of leadership qualities and personal hygiene and part two was based on coaches across continent games on Gender Equity.
These girls got the opportunity to learn brand new drills such as Ask for choice from Coaches Across Continent to enable the girls to be responsible in decision making which might either influence them negatively or positively. These girls will have the opportunity to Be […] Continue Reading…

Happy International Womens Day!

Today is a day for the global community to unite in support of women! Across the world, women will march in parades, enjoy celebrations, participate in sports activities, and take time to reflect on the achievements, advancements, and ambitions of their peers and predecessors. How will you celebrate the special women in your life today?

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Over the years, we have been trailblazing a path for girls’ football in our home base in Kumba.  Four years ago we hosted our very first girls tournament, one of the first of its kind in our area, and just a few months back we took the initiative to a whole new level with our Super Cup to Empower Women in conjunction with the Africa Women Cup of Nations. Today, we’re hosting special activities for our girls in K-town, celebrating their strengths and potential on and off the field!

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